Small boats insurance surveyors

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Small boats Insurance Surveyors.

Yacht or small craft insurance surveyors often have different skills from those who carry out surveys of large commercial vessels underwriters. They tend to fall into three general categories.

Insurance surveyors-primary discipline

In the first, the primary discipline is often that of a time served apprentice in a building of the court wooden boats (a qualified shipwright), a GRP boat manufacturer, a manufacturer of steel or alloy yachts and boats work or engineer. Many have experience in yacht design and some members of the Royal Institution of Naval Architects.
Surveyors with these skills often wear surveys damage to both pleasure craft and small commercial - typically yachts, small ferries, tugs, work boats of the harbor and fishing boats.
They conduct an injury inquiry, recommend repairs and consider their probable cost, general information about the cause and nature of the accident, then report to subscribers. Their skills are mainly in understanding the appearance damage and repair of a claim.

insurance surveyors-second category

The second category consists of yacht surveyors who have often had a long association with the sea and marine operations, but also have some knowledge of the small boat building. They often possess marine insurance and some legal knowledge also.
Experience small boats will often be of a more general nature, enough for most purposes, but perhaps below where widespread damage requiring complex repairs is involved. These investigators generally lack the technical expertise and experience of the expert trained in small boat building.
A third category of "surveyors" was created to meet a need because the boats and small yachts today are often found on inland waters, rivers, lakes and reservoirs, well away from the coast where traditional surveyors are most often to be found.
It includes experts in non-marine claims that, with some exceptions are normally largely concerned with insurance claims on a motor vehicle, fire, taking home burglary and losses.


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