Yacht survey procedures:

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Yacht survey procedures:

Also a first similarity between the surveys of large commercial vessels and those on small commercial vessels and pleasure yacht, there is a clear difference in how these two types of surveys are processed.

Yacht survey procedures-In surveys

In surveys of large commercial vessels, the insured has a present technical representative, usually a superintendent or an expert appointed by him, who can easily discuss the damage and recommended repairs with the expert of the insurer.
They speak the same language, so technically both owner and insurer have representation roughly equal.
This does not then where smaller boats are concerned, especially those involving pleasure craft, the owner usually represent himself and rarely has a technical representative available unless the yacht is very large.

Yacht survey procedures- Da and Ra Relationship

In this case, where there is usually something of a Da and Ra relationship between the insured and the insurer, the situation requires particular attention.
Although the expert in this case is always designated by the subscriber and is expected to consider and take care of his interests, concern for the inequality between the parties usually receives attention with the insurer requires the surveyor to make assistance to also insured.

One area where the assistance is most apparent concerns that determine the cause of the accident.
As will be explained below under "Reports", a surveyor reports on a major commercial shipping accident is often intended to omit its opinion on the cause of damage by his report.

With the smaller craft, conclusions and opinions as to the cause of the yacht surveyor is usually transmitted to the insured as well as the subscriber and is included in the report. It provides the basis on which the owner can make his claim under the policy.
In addition, expenses incurred by the expert keeping all consultants who may also be needed to help determine the cause, namely metallurgists, are also frequently met in full by the subscriber, even if no request is deemed payable under the policy.
If, as is often the case, the insured is familiar with how to go about organizing repairs, another way is usually expected to help the surveyor is to find a suitable repairer.
For other repairs surveyor will likely establish a repair schedule and on behalf of both parties, discuss the work with the repairer.
Thus, the expert appointed by the applicant but acting independently and impartially, should give part of the advantage of his talent with service to the insured as well.

The surveyor must ensure that, taking an active part in providing assistance, it is not seen as the management part of the responsibility of the insured.
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